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6 Ways to Fix a Refrigerator that is Not Cooling

The refrigerator is a highly essential part of our day-to-day life as we can keep the food preserved for a longer period of time. But, with prolonged use, the machine might stop cooling. So, where will you keep your food? Well, you can take the help of your neighbour but sometimes this might not turn into your favour. 

Calling an expert is one of the easiest options. But, if you try to observe what had really happened to the refrigerator, then it will be easier for you to find out the solutions. You might attempt to fix the cooling mechanism all by yourself. Read to know more.

Probable reasons behind the cooling problem

There are various reasons that might have restricted the cooling procedure. Some of them are- leakage in the vacuum coils, dirty fan blades, issues with the compressor, blockage in the freezer sections, problems with the thermostat, and others. 

The Resolving Procedures 

Hopefully, you have understood where the issue has taken place. So, it’s high time that you take care of it. Let’s not waste any time and get on to resolve the matter. 

1. A new evaporator fan 

If the evaporator fan is running slow or not running at all, then surely there are issues in it. So, it is better not to repair it. The best idea will be replacing it with a new fan. Bring a new one of the same brand that your refrigerator belongs to. Make sure that it is original by checking all the necessary information given on the brand label. After that, gather all the important tools needed. Open the fan by removing all the screws and bolts, and replace it with the new one. 

2. Improper temperature control

During the scorching climate in Dubai, you might need to lower the temperature of the refrigerator. But, there are certain procedures to regulate the low temperature. You must not keep the machine around a low temperature. In such cases, controlling the temperature is important. Depending upon the materials, you have to turn off the refrigerator after a certain interval of time. This process will help in the consumption of electricity and control the proper cooling temperature. 

3. Check out the simple tasks 

One of the simplest tasks is to check whether the machine is turned on or not. After that, have a look at the thermostat and check whether it is well set or not. If it is turned down, then turn it up to increase the cooling condensation. Now, check for the door. There is a soft magnet at the edge of the door. Make sure that it has enough power in it to close and hold the door tightly. On the other hand, check whether there are any boxes that are blocking the cooling vents inside the refrigerator. If this happens, then organize them in a proper way to reveal the cooling vent and keep them open. 

4. Take care of the compressor 

Compressor plays the main role in the running of the refrigerator. If there are problems with it, then the entire system might break down. Check the perfect location of the compressor. Mainly, it is located at the backside of the machine. After that observe whether there is some kind of noise coming out of it. If not, then try to look at the connections established between the compressor and the refrigerator. If you see any type of critical wear and tear, then the best idea is to call the refrigerator repair experts to resolve the problem. 

5. Mend the condenser coils 

The condenser coils are just like the nerves that carry hot air from the compressor to the evaporator. If there is some kind of leakage, then it is not so difficult a task to mend it. Before that, check whether the coils are clogged with dirt or not. Use thin cloths and brushes to clean the coils. If necessary, you can also use a vacuum cleaner. 

6. Observe the condenser fan 

When the refrigerator is operating at its full speed, the condenser coil performs its task. It cools down the compressor by reducing the heat. You can find it at the bottom of the refrigerator cabinet. If the fan faces any type of obstacles, then turn off the machine and remove them. If the fan itself is damaged somehow, then just replace the old damaged fan with a new one. 


While you try to replace the vital parts of the refrigerator, be sure that your working precision is perfect. Otherwise, even small misconduct will damage the entire refrigerator. If you ever feel confused about a certain repair or replacement procedure, then you can take help of the experts for better results. Local Service has been in this service market for years serving the residents of Dubai with high-end professional assistance.

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