Cleaning Fabric Sofa

7 Easy and Effective Tips to Clean a Fabric Sofa (2020)

Fabric Sofas are extremely comfortable as well as look amazing. The sofa is the place where you can sit, relax and play games or indulge in long conversations with your friends and family. Besides, after dinner, you can sit on the sofa and watch your favourite TV shows. Moreover, it’s the place where you can find your peace of mind after a hefty working day.

While sitting on the sofa, you might leave stains, dust, dirt, and germs on it. And, if you haven’t kept your place clean, it might reduce your joy and lead to health issues such as allergies.

Tactics to Clean your Favourite Relaxing Place

When it comes to cleaning a fabric soft, most people don’t know the actual procedure. Fortunately, by following the given tips you can easily clean your sofa without damaging it.

1. Quickly Clean the Strains

Whenever you notice any stains or spill, you are advised to clean it immediately. If you wait too long or even a couple of minutes, stains can set over the sofa, and then it will be harder to remove them

2. See the Manufacturer’s Guidelines

You are strongly advised to check the manufacturer’s guidelines before using any chemical solution or cleaning detergents. You will see the instructions on the sofa’s tag. Remember, if you haven’t used the appropriate cleaning detergent, your sofa can get damaged permanently.

3. Thoroughly Read the Cleaning Tags 

Basically, you will see one of the four letters on the tags of the fabric sofa, find out what they indicate:

  • X- only Vacuum
  • S-  You shouldn’t use water and buy a special solvent-based cleaning solution.
  • W-To clean the materials of the sofa, you can use distilled water
  • WS- On the sofa, you are advised to use a solvent-based cleaner or normal water

So, follow the appropriate instructions and act accordingly to maintain the fabric of the sofa.

4. To Wipe down the Loose particles, Use a dry Brush

In order to loosen the stains as well as to remove dust from the surface, we recommend you to use a stiff brush with natural bristles. This will help to keep the fabric intact and you do not need to use any harsh chemicals for ultimate cleaning.

5. Use a Vacuum

Use a hand-held vacuum before cleaning and scrubbing the sofa to remove dust and the others loose stains. Using a vacuum cleaner will definitely make the task easy for you and when it comes to cleaning, you can quickly identify and clean the loose particles.

6. Use baking Soda

Baking soda is considered to be an effective cleaning solution. If you sprinkle it over the entire couch then it will help to clean the odours as well as further loosen the sticky particles. Apart from this, you can mix a homemade baking soda with water, in a bowl, and then let the baking soda sit for 20 to 25 minutes. Now, once it absorbs the stain fully, you can vacuum it with a brush attachment. 

7. Dry the Sofa with Soft Cloth

Once you have successfully cleaned your sofa, take a soft towel and after that slightly remove any remaining cleaning solution. Then, dry your sofa overnight and in the morning, enjoy a fresh smelling and clean fabric sofa.

Clean your Fabric Sofa with a Steamer

Keep in mind, before using the steamer you must first thoroughly read the manufacturer’s instruction and then follow the steps mentioned here.

  • First, vacuum your fabric sofa as it will remove the dust, and eliminate the stains and provide you with a way to use the steam cleaner.
  • Then, you should open all the windows of the room as well as turn on the fan. Also, to test the cleaner, you should pick a small hidden spot.  
  • While the sofa is wet, don’t sit over it. Allow it to dry completely.
  • When everything is done, again vacuuming the sofa. This will remove all the remaining dust and loosen stains.

These are the tips that you should use when cleaning your fabric sofa. However, if you believe you are unable to implement the proper cleaning procedure, you can always opt for professional experts from Local Service. Expert opinion matters when it comes to cleaning the sofa.

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