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Studio Apartment

499 AED

1 – Bedroom apartment

599 AED

2 – Bedroom apartment

699 AED

3 – Bedroom apartment

999 AED

4 – Bedroom apartment

1249 AED

5 – Bedroom apartment

1549 AED

1 – Bedroom Villa

799 AEDA

2 – Bedroom Villa

999 AED

3 – Bedroom Villa

1250 AED

4 – Bedroom Villa

1550 AED

5 – Bedroom Villa

1950 AED

6 – Bedroom Villa

2450 AED

Cleaning services are one of the basic requirements to lead a healthy lifestyle. But, you can boost the effectiveness of cleaning services with disinfection services Dubai. Furthermore, cleaning and sanitization services can save your life from deadly infections. So, eliminate the chances of getting sick every now and then, join with our eminent cleaning and sanitization in Dubai. Get your residential and commercial sectors properly sanitized within hours with our efficient cleaning team and disinfection service.

Disinfection & Sanitization

Why Sanitization Service is Important?

Well, regular cleaning service can’t be ignored. It involves general sweeping and mopping of different surfaces, furniture-tops with water and detergent within your house and workplace. Whereas, the sanitization and disinfection service includes mopping or spraying disinfectants and other fuming equipment. The benefit of cleaning services followed by a disinfection one is to make sure that your place is free from deadly microbes and pathogens.

How Our Sanitization and Disinfection Work?

Disinfection services Dubai can’t do miracles alone. That’s why we emphasize on cleaning and sanitization in Dubai for better hygiene practices. And, sanitization can be more effective if it gets done after a proper and organized cleaning service. Our professional cleaning staff would mop the heavily-touched surfaces such as floors, table-tops, doorknobs, chairs, and other furniture. Then, they would apply sanitizers or disinfectants over all the surfaces and mattresses, carpets, couches, keyboards, switches, handrails and everywhere possible. For such heavy-duty disinfection, our experts use fuming machinery or steamers for uniform sanitization.

High-Quality Disinfectants used by our Professionals

Disinfectants are basically chemicals. So, we don’t grab any disinfectant available in the market. We strictly abide by the health advice declared by the local government in Dubai. And, our professionals carry only government-approved disinfectants for cleaning and sanitization in Dubai. Mostly, we use bleach solution and alcohol mixture with isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. These are safe to use and are considered as human-friendly, non-toxic as well as pet-friendly.

Get in Touch with Reliable Cleaning and Disinfection in Dubai

We ensure to fulfil all your health requirements. So, you need not be concerned with your hygiene and rely on us. Avail prompt cleaning and sanitization in Dubai with our highly-precise disinfection service. Give us a call at 042706946 or contact us through our email address. Check our website for more details. Reach our customer help centre for solving any doubt or query regarding any of our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between cleaning and sanitization?

Cleaning indicates dusting and mopping surfaces including furniture with clothes, water, mops, and soap or detergent. Cleaning services only eliminate dust and dirt, but germs. Whereas sanitization and disinfection services Dubai can eliminate germs from the surface of heavily-touched bodies. Avail our effective but eco-friendly cleaning and sanitization in Dubai in order to maintain hygiene at its peak.

What are the basic steps for cleaning and sanitization?

First of all, our professionals take care of every safety measure. They conduct a survey all-around your place. Next, they start with the cleaning services with every possible surface and furniture with permitted cleaning agents. Once done, they carry out the sanitization and disinfection service with proper disinfectants. Additionally, they make sure that they can avail minimum air circulation while disinfecting. 

Why is cleaning and sanitizing important?

Sanitization is incomplete without cleaning. Cleaning will eliminate the chances of dust mites. And, then only, sanitization will work with its 100% effectiveness. It will eradicate harmful bacteria and viruses and reduce the chances of infection. So, avail our cleaning and sanitization in Dubai, today.

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