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Rug Cleaning Services in Dubai

Rugs and carpets are considered to be a part of high statement-style for your indoors, whether it is your home or office. Additionally, it makes the interior feel cosier with its soft and smooth texture. On the other hand, the rugs and carpets have to suffer so much foot traffic that they can get dirty, easily. And, undertaking carpet cleaning services on your own is nothing but a headache. You need not freak about the rug cleaning Dubai services as long as Local Service is here. 

Whether it is chilling winter or sweltering summer, the carpets and rugs can easily turn into the breeding ground of moulds and other germs. Excessive humidity in summer can damage the rug and with dust and debris, the formation of moulds is possible. And, it can be dangerous especially for toddlers crawling and playing on the rugs.

Moreover, a dusty rug can contribute to indoor pollution more than you can think. It might consequently trigger breathing complications. Be it your office or home, a dusty rug or carpet is enough for spoiling your reputation in front of your clients or guests. Therefore, don’t take a chance with your fame and personality, and avail carpet cleaning services in Dubai from none other than Local Service.

We, at Local service, prioritize your comfort and safety. Deep cleaning a rug or carpet is not an easy thing for homeowners. And, your office needs to maintain a cleaning standard, too. That’s why we have crafted an exquisite and professional rug cleaning Dubai service that would eliminate dust, dirt, germ and odour out of your luxurious flooring. Our professional cleaning staff would take care of the softness and subtleness of the rug and carpet fabric. No doubt, our premium qualities make us one of the reliable choices with respect to cleaning services in Dubai.

Size Of The Rug


Small – 05×10 ft

79 AED

Medium – 08×12 ft

139 AED

Large – 10×15 ft

179 AED

A Vast Range of Carpet and Rug Cleaning Dubai Services Offered by Local Service

Don’t let grime and dust steal the glory of the beautiful Persian carpet of your home or office. When you haven’t compromised in the quality search of your carpet or rug, you might be looking for professional carpet cleaning services of substandard quality. Local Service strictly monitors that you can avail the best cleaning services in Dubai. 

When the chances of infection are increasing during seasonal changes, our dedicated professional would like to take the challenge to keep you safe by maintaining safety precautions. That’s why we have included a compulsory carpet and rug sanitizing service.

Apart from our cleaning specialities and latest techniques in the field of carpet cleaning services, our prompt assistance is available for both residential and commercial premises. Now, you need not worry about the hygiene of your employees or family members. Our professionals pay extra attention to every carpet and rug cleaning Dubai service. 

Thus, your furry buddies and children can move around freely on the refreshed and deeply cleaned carpet and rugs. Let’s take a look at the wide range of carpet cleaning services facilitated by Local Service.

Carpet Shampooing

It is one of the most popular and satisfactory carpet cleaning services in Dubai. When the carpet and rug need an inside out deep cleaning service shampooing is most convenient. Shampooing the rug and carpet would extract every single soil, dust and pet hair. Consequently, the rug or carpet would feel more comfortable. Additionally, it is typically helpful in combating the stubborn spilling stains on your luxurious rugs and carpets.

Our professionals begin the process by inspecting the carpet and its fabric. Then, they choose a suitable shampoo specifically designed for your carpet materials. The experts make foam by gently scrubbing the rug and carpet with a soft brush. Lastly, they make sure that the rug is completely dry after a vacuum and deodorization process.

Dry Vacuuming

In case, you fear that shampooing the carpet might not prevent the germ breeding in them, then there are other ways to freshen up your carpet. It requires less time, but it doesn’t mean that the procedure is not effective. If you own luxurious silk or olefin carpet, then dry vacuuming would prep up the ambience with dry vacuuming carpet cleaning services.

The cleaning experts would spread the cleaning powder on the entire rug or carpet. With the use of a rotating brush, the professionals make sure that the powder reaches every fibre. This powder helps in deep cleaning and after a while, the professionals run a vacuum cleaner to extract dust and soil from the rug or carpet. Dry vacuuming is most effective for corporate and commercial places where immediate dryness is unskippable.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Services

Instead of shampooing the rug or carpet, steam cleaning is another preferable carpet cleaning choice. For optimum sanity and hygiene maintenance, steam cleaning uses hot water under high pressure. So, the water can loosen up each and every dust particle, soil, pollen and other miserable stains from the rug.

In addition to hot water, our professionals combine eco-friendly carpet and rug cleaning solutions. They leave the carpet with the cleaning solutions. Afterwards, they let it air dry or use special equipment if the rug needs to be dried quickly. It would be better if the carpet or rug is allowed to be dried overnight.


This resembles the dry vacuuming method but it leaves fewer chemicals behind after every rug cleaning Dubai service. On the other hand, this technique doesn’t require water and hence, quite popular among greener options. However, our professionals apply encapsulation chemicals on the rug.

And, spread it with a rotating brush for deep cleaning purposes. After the scheduled period, the professionals use a vacuum cleaner to extract the chemical out along with specks of dust and dust mites. 

Apart from these carpet cleaning services in Dubai, our professionals avail sanitization and deodorization with every service. Therefore, your carpets and rugs feel fresh and brand new.

Why Choose Local Service for Carpet Cleaning in Dubai?

Local Service believes in offering quality cleaning services in Dubai. Our employees are determined to free up your personal and professional space from unnecessary musty smell and grime. And, that’s too within the promised service delivery durations. 

You can avail both on-site or our laundry-based carpet cleaning services in Dubai. Here’s why we are your best bet for rug cleaning Dubai.

  • The professionals associated with our organization are exceptionally professional, dedicated and responsible. They are familiar with diverse types of carpet cleaning in Dubai. Depending upon the fabric quality and indoor situations, they would pick up the right carpet cleaning technique for efficient cleaning and quick drying.
  • We strictly maintain health regulations. That’s why we appreciate our professionals for the usage of eco-friendly and mild cleaning products for rug cleaning. Additionally, it maintains the smoothness and fabric quality of the carpets and rugs.
  • Availing services from Local Service is pretty easy. You can avail on-site or pick-and-delivery carpet cleaning in Dubai with us. With a pick and drop facility, your carpet would be brought to our specialized laundry room. 
  • After a top-notch carpet cleaning service, the professionals would deliver you a soothing. Moreover, getting in touch with our helpline is also painless.
  • Keep your expensive interior decors odour-free and spot-free with our carpet cleaning services in Dubai. The spots and in-build germs might spoil your favourite rugs and carpets. 
  • Don’t take the risk with the lifespan of your carpet and render hassle-free carpet cleaning services from Local Service. No doubt, we have kept the costs extremely reasonable for your nylon, silk, olefin, wool, polyester and other opulent carpet and rugs.

Pre-Eminent Carpet and Rug Cleaning Dubai Services are Just a Call Away

Healthy Home or office is not a choice; it’s a necessity. And, carpets and rugs play a significant role in keeping the freshness long-lasting for the indoors. Cleaning experts suggest carpet cleaning at least twice every year. Avail your chance of efficient and non-compromising carpet cleaning services in Dubai with Local Service. 

Book your rug and carpet cleaning sessions today by dialling 042706946. Your hygienic satisfaction is guaranteed with Local Service and its incredible cleaning services in Dubai.

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