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When it comes to seasonal cleaning of your house, the sofa set and couches can be your prime concern. Apart from sofa cleaning, spots due to liquid spills are hard to remove. And, sofa cleaning can go wrong if you are not aware of the right tools and technique. Moreover, the cleaning service depends on the fabric and type of sofa. If you neglect these minor aspects then your luxurious sofa can be dull and valueless within minutes.

Well, you need not worry about sofa cleaning services anymore. Keep your sofa brand new with our effective sofa deep cleaning Dubai service and its professional team. Let the experts decide what is best for your sofas and you will be amazed by the results without spending much.

sofa cleaning

Make a Change with Upholsteries

When it comes to sofa cleaning, our professionals don’t overlook the upholsteries. Dirty upholsteries can make your guest feel that the furniture is old. Change the look of the upholsteries with a complimentary upholstery cleaning. Don’t worry; the professionals will take care of the fabric and other qualities of the upholsteries. 

Boost to your Hygiene

Probably, you haven’t noticed but your sofa is a hot-bed of dust, dirt and dangerous germs. Those can increase the risks of respiratory issues and other health problems. Especially dust mites and mould can grow at the numerous gaps in the sofa. A professional sofa cleaning Dubai service will mitigate the risk of cloning of such microbes. Moreover, the sofa will become dust-free. Additionally, the sofa would get back its softness and smoothness with a mind-refreshing scent, just like a brand new one.

How the Sofa Cleaning Dubai Service Works?

Once you book a sofa deep cleaning Dubai service from us, our professionals conduct a survey to understand the requirements. Then, they start cleaning the sofa by vacuuming, spot-treatment with shampoo or steam cleaning. After that, they dry and sanitize the sofa with essential tools. You can choose whether you want a steam cleaning or shampoo. However, steam cleaning is more powerful than shampooing to eliminate germs from the sofa. Additionally, your sofa won’t get wet. So, there is no stress for drying the sofa.

Hire the Best Sofa Cleaning Dubai Service in Dubai

In Dubai, the sofa has to deal with extreme dust due to the hot and dusty weather. Hence, we recommend a sofa cleaning service twice a year. Keep your sofa sets free from stains, odour, dirt and germs through our exclusive sofa cleaning Dubai service.

Visit our website or call us at 042706946 to book an instant sofa cleaning appointment. Contact our customer service executives to resolve any queries or doubts regarding any service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have a couch cleaned?

The cost of having a couch cleaned depends on the seater-size of the couch. Moreover, the cost factor depends upon the fabric quality, too. You can expect a minimal charge for sofa cleaning Dubai service from us. Book our sofa cleaning service, today and experience the difference, instantly.

How can I clean my sofa?

Before diving into the sofa cleaning procedure, you have to use a vacuum cleaner, lint rollers, bristle brush to eliminate dust, hair and lint from the sofa. Next, depending upon the fabric quality of the sofa, you can use a specific sofa detergent with a steam cleaner. You can add a sofa conditioner before to prevent damage to its softness. If you choose to shampoo then you have to dry the sofa upholsteries. Finally, you have to complete the entire process with a proper disinfection service. Or, you can avoid all these stresses and hire our professional sofa cleaning Dubai service.

How do professionals clean couches?

Our professionals pay special attention while choosing the right cleaning product and tools for sofa cleaning. They use vacuum cleaners to eradicate the dust build-up. Then, they either shampoo or steam clean the couch to remove grime and spots. After drying, they sanitize the couch. So, join our hands and get eminent sofa cleaning Dubai service at an affordable cost.

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