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8 Cleaver Methods that You Can implement for Your Laundry Room

People usually keep their dirty clothes in the laundry room which are later washed and dried. Now, to remove stains from the clothes various types of cleaning solutions. However, that does not mean you will visit the laundry room only when required. You should keep it clean and well organized. Hence, if you are lucky enough to have a separate room for washing and drying clothes, then these are the tips that you must consider to upgrade your laundry room to attain quality service.

Here’s How to Organize Your Laundry Room

If you have a small room, then probably you will face more challenges. However, with some simple tactics, you can create some spaces and store everything that you need. We have explored some of the pocket-friendly laundry room hacks that will surely make the task easy for you.

  • Add Wall Storage

The best way to decorate a small laundry room is to use all the available space that you can. It means you shouldn’t hang any artwork on the wall. Also, you are advised to hang a storage rack on the wall. You can store detergent within the hanging rack. Apart from this, you can place dry sheets or orphan socks into the hanging rack.

  • Hang a Drying Rack

You have already used all the wall space of your laundry room, now it’s time to take a look at the ceiling. It is another useful area of a small laundry room that you usually overlook. We advise you to hang a drying rack from the ceiling to dry the clothes that you are going to wash. Hence, if you don’t have sufficient space in the room or have delicate clothes that you do not want to put within the dryer, hanging a rack from the ceiling can be the best option for you.

  • Add Shelving to the Unused Corner of the room

If you wish to well decorate your small laundry room, then you shouldn’t neglect the unused corner in the room. Nowadays, there are many wall shelving options. Hence, you should purchase one that’s most suitable for the room and then perfectly fit the shelf in the unused corners.

  • Store Supplies in the Baskets

Once you gather spoke shelves then the next thing that you need to perform is to wrangle the supplies within the baskets, jars as well as other storage containers. After doing so, we assure you that though you have a small laundry room, you can enjoy doing laundry daily, as now your place looks neat and clean.

  • Use Curtains

In case you wish to separate your laundry room from the home but you don’t have a door, what to do then? Simply use a curtain rod and curtain. It will be a great choice if you want to impact an aesthetic as well as separate out space from the rest of the room. Also, curtains would not provide any sound protection, therefore this will be the best option to hide the large appliances.

  • Prepare a Folding Station

Though you have a small room, surely you will get some space to create a folding station. We suggest you prepare a solution that can be folded down easily and when you are not using it then you can pack it and keep it aside.

  • Under Washer, Use Pedestal Drawers

One of the important tactics that you can apply is to use pedestal drawers under the washer or dryer unit. These drawers can perfectly fit under the dryer or washer. The biggest advantages of the pedestal drawers are easy to operate as well as raise the units. Apart from this, many drawers allow you to store detergent, dryer sheets as well as other laundering equipment.

Besides, if you wish to purchase a new washer or dryer, you need to ensure that pedestals are available. Also, if you wish to connect pedestal drawers to the old washer/dryer, then contact the manufacturer.

  • Use a Bookshelf

Though a bookshelf is not required in a laundry room, still if you have an odd corner, then you must place a bookshelf there. As within the bookshelf, you can store much-needed laundry items. Therefore, we advise you to consider bookshelves or storage cubes, from your kids’ room and fit it to the unused corner of the laundry room.


If you wish to build a proper and regularly usable laundry room, then apply the hacks one after another even if you have a tiny laundry room. Besides, if you have any doubt, you can always get in touch with professionals of Local Service and follow their suggestions.

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