Lemon Hacks

How to Use the Lemon Hacks to Clean the Kitchen Appliances?

We believe the kitchen is the most significant place in the house that needs to be cleaned regularly. Lots of chemical cleaning solutions are available in the market that you can purchase to clean your kitchen. However, if you wish to lead a healthy life, you are always advised to use homemade cleaning solutions.

When it’s come to natural cleaning, vinegar seems to get the most of the attention. However, according to experts, lemons are more acidic than vinegar. Yes, you got it right, lemon provides more powerful cleaning. Let’s find out how.

Here, we have explored some useful lemon hacks that you can use to clean the kitchen appliances.

Best Lemon Hacks to Clean your Kitchen

Lemon gives you a fresh and clean environment. Apart from this, they are less expensive. In some countries, it’s very difficult to get white vinegar, but what about lemon? You will easily get them. In addition, you can use this acidic, multipurpose, yellow gem to clean countless appliances in the kitchen. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Fridge Freshener

The fridge is present in each and every kitchen. You might know that, if you leave baking soda inside the fridge, it will create unpleasant odours. However, do you know, you can perform the same task with a lemon? By following a few ways, you can easily do so.

You just have to soak a cotton ball within the lemon juice and then leave the glass of juice inside the fridge. Alternatively, you can cut a lemon in half. But, what about the other half of the lemon? Keep it in a small bowl. Next, leave it inside the fridge for a day. Now, whichever method you might select, you must change it every week.

  • Clean the Microwave

Microwave is probably the most useful appliance in the kitchen. And, if you don’t clean it regularly, it might get completely smelly. However, with a lemon and a bowl of water, you will be surprised how easily you can clean most of the stubborn stains inside the microwave.

First, cut the lemon in half and squeeze it into a bowl. Fill half of the bowl with water. Afterwards, you need to put the other piece of lemon within the bowl. Steadily place it inside the microwave. 

Now, you should set the timer for 5 to 10 minutes and then cook the mixture at the highest temperature. Once it beeps, all the microwave to cool down for the next 5 to 10 minutes. Afterwards, you have to remove the dish as well as clean the interior with a soft and dry microfiber cloth. The lemon will remove the dirty odours and the stream will stir the lemon oils to eliminate the build-up of the loosen particles inside the chamber. 

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  • Remove Dust from Cheese Grater

Many people think that cleaning the cheese grater can be an overwhelming task. However, with half lemon pieces, you can easily clean it. Hence, cut a lemon in half and after that, you need to grate the fleshy side on both sides of the cheese grater.

The lemon juice & oil will deduce the dairy fat as well as break up the proteins. After a couple of minutes, you will see that the lemon has accomplished an amazing job.

  •  Clean the Tea Kettle

If you use a heavy tea kettle, then with a lemon solution you can easily clean the germs present inside it. Just combine 1 ounce of the lemon juice with 2 cups of water and then stir within the kettle. Now, give heat to the kettle for 5 to 10 minutes, and then bring it to the room temperature. Furthermore, empty the tea kettle and give it a few good stirs. Now, again, your tea kettle must be clean and shiny.

  • Dishwasher

The dishwasher is another crucial kitchen appliance that needs to be cleaned regularly. To clean the appliance as well as to get rid of the funky smell, you just have to use a lemon. Put half a piece in the dishwasher bowl. After that, run the empty cycle. Lemon will absorb the nasty odour and in return, you will get a dishwasher that is clean and bright once again.


From preparing health juice to cleaning the home appliances, you can use the lemons in every aspect. So, we suggest you clean your kitchen and even your entire home in an organic way. This is where lemon hacks can be the best choice for you. Apart from this, you can consult with experts of Local Service and get to know-how more effectively you can use to clean your home.

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